If you’ve read the first article, you’re probably curious about what the marketplace might look like and how to use it? Well, in this article we’re going to show you. We’re going to give you a preview of what it might look like and explain, how you go about using it?

DisclaimerScreenshots shown are not final, product is subject to change before launch, this is a very early proof of concept, the final version is likely to look different upon release, companies mentioned in the screenshots are not official Changeblock partners, they are just there to show you what the marketplace could look like. Some of the features referenced in this article might not be included in the release.

Purchase Eco Tokens

The marketplace will allow users to purchase some of the most well known eco-tokens as well as those not currently found on major exchanges. Upon opening the main marketplace tab on the web app, users will be able to pick what category of eco asset they are interested in.

Section 1, Fig 1: Marketplace homepage

Upon clicking on the tokens section, you will go through to the eco token dashboard. From here they will be able to discover new eco tokens organised by rating, popularity, market cap and more.

Section 1, Fig 2: Eco Token dashboard page

Once you have selected your preferred token, you will be able to learn basic information about the project, as well as purchase if desired. The example below shows what it might look like to purchase a BCT provided by the Toucan protocol.

Section 1, Fig 3: Token information screen

When purchasing, you will be given the option to pay with crypto, or buy using a debit card via our Stripe integration. Changeblock will charge a small fee at this stage for facilitating the transaction between buyer and seller.

Section 1, Fig 4: Token payment screen

Purchased tokens will then be transferred to your preferred wallet. Initially, Changeblock will be supporting Metamask, but options will grow with the platform. You can view your total eco-token holdings on the website at any time. At this stage, users will then be able to reduce their carbon footprint by burning their purchased tokens if desired.

Section 1, Fig 5: Crypto wallet display page

Calculate your Carbon Footprint

The marketplace will allow you to enter your lifestyle choices and daily habits into our calculator. This tool will estimate your carbon footprint so that you can use this information to support your chosen projects as much or as little as you want.

Section 2, Fig 1: Carbon footprint calculator

When entering the calculator page, you will be greeted with a series of questions, to enable us to learn more about your carbon footprint. After entering in the relevant information, the calculator will display your carbon footprint and let you know what you need to do to reduce it.

Section 2, Fig 2: Carbon calculator results page

After learning some statistics and facts about your carbon footprint, we will give users the option to quickly reduce their footprint by supporting their preferred environmental area. This will be done by using crypto or debit card payments integrated via Stripe.

Section 2, Fig 3: Payment screen

Supporting Environmental Projects

Changeblock conducted a poll and the number one barrier our community faced was wanting to reduce their environmental footprint, but not knowing how to purchase an offset to eliminate it. As a result, Changeblock has developed a feature to enable users of the marketplace to be able to support environmental projects directly by purchasing them from their own chosen project providers. Information about each reduction or project will be clearly displayed with provenance documents, impact statements and more.

Section 3, Fig 1: Carbon offset marketplace homepage

Users of the marketplace can discover projects by their rating, or even geographical location via the map view.

Section 3, Fig 2: Offset project map view

Upon clicking on a project from either the list or map view, a user of the platform will be able to learn more in a fun, simple, and presentable manner. Project pages will include SDG impacts, credits issued, provenance documents and more.

Section 3, Fig 3: Project information screen
Section 3, Fig 4: Purchase screen

Crowdfund Green Projects

You can now directly help environmental projects around the world get the finance they need to get off the ground. Donate money and receive tokens representing a proportional share of the future reductions generated by that project. Keep informed on project milestones, goals and more, only on the Changeblock marketplace.

Section 4, Fig 1: Environmental crowdfunding project homepage

Users can learn all about the project that they want to fund and buy a portion of it. You will be able to view the project milestones/roadmap, important documents pertaining to the project and important investor information.

Section 4, Fig 2: Project milestones example
Section 4, Fig 3: Project financial data example

Once satisfied with the legitimacy, credibility and feasibility of the listed project, users will be able to purchase tokens which represent a proportional share of the potential future returns of that project.

Section 4, Fig 4: Payment page

As you can see, the Changeblock team has been working hard behind the scenes to bring you this revolutionary product — this is still early days but we will continue to bring you more exciting features and content. As mentioned at the start of this document, all information contained in this early proof of concept is just to serve as a placeholder. Projects, statistics and brands shown are false and are not affiliated with Changeblock. To reiterate, the product shown is subject to change before launch.

To be involved and get a chance to have a hands on experience with an early version of the Changeblock marketplace, join our Discord, follow our Twitter and stay posted for further updates.

This is only the beginning, together we can make a change…

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