Changeblock is coming together with Nillion at the University of Oxford.

This Thursday (28th of April) these two science and humanity driven ventures will discuss the future of Web3 through a scientific lens and drawing on cutting-edge blockchain technologies, the forward-thinking enterprises are pioneering innovative solutions that seek to revolutionize the fight against global warming and deliver infinite security.

Changeblock x Nillion present at Oxford University, Trinity College

About this event

Oxford University host Conrad Whelan, Founding CTO of Nillion (former Founding Engineer and ’employee number 2′ of Uber) and Billy Richards, Founder and CEO of changeblock.

Nillion & Conrad Whelan

Having previously been part of the founding team that built Uber from the ground up, Conrad has joined the founding team of Nillion and will talk through his journey from Uber to Nillion, providing an exclusive, unique insight with his talk “From Uber to Nillion: My Engineering Journey Towards Web3” before opening up to questions and wider networking, with nothing off limits.

Conrad will discuss what he has learned throughout his journey, including how to build a successful engineering team that can execute on a billion dollar project. He will also discuss the pitfalls and challenges he has experienced throughout his journey and how best to mitigate and avoid them.

Following his guest lecture, Conrad will open up to audience Q&A before meeting those in attendance to learn more about the students at Oxford and whether they may want to join him at Nillion. Note Nillion and Conrad are hiring and specifically looking to build out a rockstar engineering team, having already made some key hires from Cambridge and US Ivy League Schools, we hope to make further additions to the team from Oxford. Conrad and members of the founding team will be on hand at the event.

To help bring his story to life, Conrad will use Nillion and Uber as ‘case studies’ to walk you through the journey. Here is a bit more on Nillion:

Nillion allows a decentralized network of nodes to work together using a non-blockchain technology known as Secure Multi Party Computation (SMPC) to store and process information at essentially centralized server speed, all while remaining information-theoretic secure (ITS). This unique feature represents a significant breakthrough in decentralized systems, allowing Nillion to operate the first decentralized and permissionless public SMPC network at scale. Its security and performance characteristics enable Nillion to not only serve as a secure processing layer for Web3, but also as a source of off-chain computation, as a decentralized private enclave, and as an enabler of interoperability between ledgers.

The founding team behind Nillion have founded several billion-dollar crypto and non-crypto companies, including Uber, Indiegogo, and two of the top 100 cryptocurrencies (Hedera Hashgraph, Reserve):

– Chief Scientist Dr. Miguel de Vega is the inventor of NMC, who has filed over 30 patents, some of which still govern the flow of data packets over the internet.

– CEO Alex Page is ex-Goldman Sachs and has been involved in crypto since 2017.

– CSO Andrew Masanto previously started Hedera Hashgraph and Reserve and has had several large exits outside of the crypto industry.

– President Rob Leslie is a serial entrepreneur and previously founded Sedicii and co-founded Kyckr.

– CTO Conrad Whelan was the founding engineer of Uber.

– Chief Business Officer Slava Rubin was the founder of Indiegogo.

– Various other team members were also involved in the early stages of well-known crypto projects such as Bitclout, Metalink, and Fluidity.

To learn more about Nillion and engage in the community, please join the Discord and Telegram:



Changeblock & Billy Richards

Billy will deliver an inspirational talk on simplifying the fight against Climate Change and how changeblock will address this through “Crypto and Climate, wedded in unholy matrimony”.

As a previous Oxford Graduate, Billy comes back to showcase his new company changeblock, which is decentralising emissions trading to help the world reach net-zero.

Note the event will take place at Oxford University, Trinity College on Thursday, April 28th. Doors open at 1:30 PM and the talks will begin promptly at 2 PM.

Tickets available here

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